Celebrating life

Eating and cooking is a great pleasure in life. That’s why we created a place where we combine culinary passion with unforgettable emotions. We love to cook to the accompaniment of music, with a glass of wine, having conversations about everything.

A good story surprises, arouses curiosity, keeps you in suspense, entertains you. At Cook Story, we invite you to experiment with flavors, aromas and textures. We want to explore with you unknown attractions on the culinary map of the world.

More than a cooking school

Cook Story by Samsung is not simply a cooking school – it’s a place where unconventional presenters and participants create exciting culinary stories. They are created out of a passion for cooking, a desire to learn new things and to meet exceptional people in one place at one time.

Meet our Chefs

Meet them and love cooking!

Asia Banad

A confectioner by vocation, and a clinical nutritionist by training. On a daily basis, he creates original cakes, pastries, cookies and desserts, creating the author’s POSYPANE concept. She loves sweets and does a lot of baking and cooking. She is fascinated by gastrophysics and French patisserie.

Andrea Scarantino

The Italian chef, who began his cooking adventure at the age of 17 in London as an assistant in the kitchen of Marco Pierre White (a 3 Michelin-starred chef). He also worked with Magda Gessler for several years. Currently, the owner and Chef of Amore by Mamma Marietta restaurant.

Michał Toczyłowski

The 24-year-old chef, who carries no small amount of experience on his shoulders. He started at the age of 16 at NABO, then worked among others. At Moonsfera, Nolita, Atelier Amaro, LaBlaBla or Untitled restaurants. Co-author of the books “Run&Cook” and “Sex&Cook.”

Dominika Musialowska

Alicja Rokicka

Alicia has gone meat-free for more than half of her life and feels great about it. She is the founder and author of a popular blog – Vegan Nerd is a 100% plant-based vegan blog, meaning you won’t find recipes with zoonotic products. He conducts workshops and cooking demonstrations throughout Poland.

Grzegorz Chlebowicz

L’enfant Terrible of Podlasie gastronomy, chef and restaurateur with 19 years of experience.

Creator of such dining concepts as Trattoria Black Sheep, Ba Chinese & Asian Street Food and Swietojanska 21.

Passionate about Italian, French and Polish cuisine, a fan of Asian street food and comfort food in the broadest sense.

In his training work, he places great emphasis on ethics, zero waste and a commitment to natural, unprocessed products. He loves food, people and cooking, and with this love he alienates.

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